Jess du Toit, PhD

Jess du Toit is a Clinical Ethics Fellow at the Centre for Clinical Ethics. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from Western University, and specializes in ethical issues at the intersection of bioethics and animal ethics. Her PhD dissertation focused on ethical issues at the intersection of paediatric research ethics, animal research ethics, and animal ethics more generally. Jess also holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Philosophy from the University of Cape Town, where her long-standing interests in animal ethics, bioethics, and bioethics consultation were first piqued. While Jess’ research interests are broad, she would like to use some of her time at the Centre for Clinical Ethics to continue with the work she bagan during her PhD. She would also like to think more deeply about vulnerability in research, ethical issues that arise in the context of caring for older adult populations, as well as end-of-life care.