Rochelle Maurice, MSW, MHSc, PhD candidate

Bioethicist, Toronto Rehab, University Health Network

Rochelle Maurice is a Clinical and Organizational Ethicist currently working at Scarborough Health Network.  She attained her Master in Health Sciences in Bioethics at the University of Toronto in 2016 and subsequently completed a Fellowship in Clinical and Organizational Ethics with the Centre for Clinical Ethics.  Rochelle’s work in ethics was shaped by her professional background in Social Work.  Since completing a Master of Social Work from New York University, she has had experience in intensive care, cardiac care, and geriatrics.  Rochelle’s most significant experience has been working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Paediatrics Department in a community teaching hospital in Toronto.

Rochelle assists patients, families, and healthcare teams navigating clinical issues with ethical dimensions.  She also contributes to the resolution of ethical issues at an organizational level, working collaboratively with senior leadership and within various committees as concerns arise.  She is the Co-Chair of the Ethics Advisory Council and a member of the Research Ethics Board at Scarborough Health Network.

Rochelle is currently pursuing Doctoral studies in Social Work at McMaster University.  She has an interest in issues relevant to women and children, particularly conflicts that arise in an acute care setting.