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  • Beyond Dreamcatchers: Native Spirituality Conference

    Native dreamcatchers are popular with many people. (Those are the hoops with a web through the centre, decorated with feathers and beads.) They’re seen as a protective charm. But there’s more to them than that – and a lot more to native spirituality than most of us know. Interview on […]

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  • The Ethical Challenges of Medicine Today

    “The Ethical Challenges of Medicine Today: Drawing on the Wisdom of Vatican II” Christine Jamieson participates in part five in a six-part series: A Church for the 21st Century: The Spirit of Vatican II in Our Time. Watch the video: https://vimeo.com/70220588

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  • Stem Cell Considerations and Its Implications

    On May 9, 2002, Canada’s Minister of Health introduced in the House of Commons the Act Respecting Assisted Human Reproduction. The Act is seen by many, including the Health Minister as “middle-of-the-road” legislation because, on the one hand, it prohibits the creation of embryo clones not only for reproduction but […]

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