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  • Interview, Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto

    Michael Szego, Clinical Ethicist, Centre for Clinical Ethics reflects on his journey from completing his PhD with Prof. Roderick McInnes to earning a Master of Health Science in Bioethics and launching his career that brings together clinical consultations, policy development, education, and research. Michael highlights eureka moments in his career […]

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  • What is Medical Ethics Consultation?

    Giles Scofield, JD, MA, is a clinical ethicist at the Centre for Clinical Ethics in Toronto. In the selection below, Scofield argues that the scope and limits of ethics consultation is not well defined. Because ethics consultation has no clear boundaries, it is impossible to know when boundaries have been […]

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  • My Journey from Bench Scientist to Clinical Ethicist

    Four and a half years ago I was introduced to the field of clinical ethics while nearing the end of my Doctorate in Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto. After attending a talk given by Kerry Bowman, a clinical ethicist at one of the University teaching hospitals, I approached […]

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