Steve Abdool, RN, MA, PhD (c)

Steve Abdool first trained as a Registered Nurse, and worked as a clinician in Critical Care and Mental Health for about a decade in England and Canada. He the studied a double major (honours) in Psychology and Philosophy at the Bachelor’s level, and Philosophy, specializing in Ethics at Master’s and Doctoral-prepared levels. Steve has worked as a professional Bioethicist for roughly 25 years in a wide variety of psychiatric and tertiary general hospitals. He is currently affiliated with the Centre for Clinical Ethics in Toronto and Homewood Health Centre in Guelph. Steve regularly presents at national and international professional conferences regarding pressing ethical issues in both mental health and physical medicine. He is on the International Board of the only international journal devoted to mental health and ethics, the Journal of Ethics and Mental Health. It is noteworthy that Steve believes that ethicists are constantly learning from patients, their family and inter-professional colleagues, as each person and circumstances are rather unique. He feels particularly passionate about re-igniting the clinical encounter with the humanitarian and art of health care delivery, as well as about the health and well-being of health care professionals in today’s very challenging health care system.